Action View Text Helpers

The TextHelper module provides a set of methods for filtering, formatting and transforming strings, which can reduce the amount of inline Ruby code in your views. These helper methods extend Action View making them callable within your template files.


Most text helpers that generate HTML output sanitize the given input by default, but do not escape it. This means HTML tags will appear in the page but all malicious code will be removed. Let’s look at some examples using the simple_format method:

simple_format('<a href="">Example</a>')
# => "<p><a href=\"\">Example</a></p>"

simple_format('<a href="javascript:alert(\'no!\')">Example</a>')
# => "<p><a>Example</a></p>"

If you want to escape all content, you should invoke the h method before calling the text helper.

simple_format h('<a href="">Example</a>')
# => "<p><a href=\"\">Example</a></p>"
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