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ALL ="*/*", :all, [])

AbstractRequest = ActionController::Request = ActionDispatch::Request

AbstractResponse = ActionController::Response = ActionDispatch::Response

Routing = ActionDispatch::Routing

Integration = ActionDispatch::Integration

IntegrationTest = ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest

PerformanceTest = ActionDispatch::PerformanceTest

HashWithIndifferentAccess = ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess

MissingSourceFile = LoadError

RUBY_ENGINE = 'ruby' unless defined?(RUBY_ENGINE)

FRAMEWORKS = %w( activesupport activemodel activerecord activeresource actionpack actionmailer railties )

TIMES = (ENV['N'] || 10_000).to_i

Fixture ='Fixture', 'ActiveRecord::Fixture')

Fixtures ='Fixtures', 'ActiveRecord::Fixtures')


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