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Racc_arg = [ racc_action_table, racc_action_check, racc_action_default, racc_action_pointer, racc_goto_table, racc_goto_check, racc_goto_default, racc_goto_pointer, racc_nt_base, racc_reduce_table, racc_token_table, racc_shift_n, racc_reduce_n, racc_use_result_var ]

Racc_token_to_s_table = [ '$end', 'error', 'UNARY', '"^"', '"*"', '"/"', '"+"', '","', 'AND', '"-"', 'DIGITS', '"("', '")"', 'UNIT', 'DURATION', '$start', 'stmt', 'expr', 'time', 'iso', 'unit']

Racc_debug_parser = false


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