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RubyGems is the Ruby standard for publishing and managing third party libraries.

For user documentation, see:

For gem developer documentation see:

Further RubyGems documentation can be found at:

RubyGems Plugins

As of RubyGems 1.3.2, RubyGems will load plugins installed in gems or $LOAD_PATH. Plugins must be named ‘rubygems_plugin’ (.rb, .so, etc) and placed at the root of your gem’s #require_path. Plugins are discovered via Gem::find_files and then loaded.

For an example plugin, see the Graph gem which adds a `gem graph` command.

RubyGems Defaults, Packaging

RubyGems defaults are stored in lib/rubygems/defaults.rb. If you’re packaging RubyGems or implementing Ruby you can change RubyGems’ defaults.

For RubyGems packagers, provide lib/rubygems/defaults/operating_system.rb and override any defaults from lib/rubygems/defaults.rb.

For Ruby implementers, provide lib/rubygems/defaults/#{RUBY_ENGINE}.rb and override any defaults from lib/rubygems/defaults.rb.

If you need RubyGems to perform extra work on install or uninstall, your defaults override file can set pre/post install and uninstall hooks. See Gem::pre_install, Gem::pre_uninstall, Gem::post_install, Gem::post_uninstall.


You can submit bugs to the RubyGems bug tracker on GitHub


RubyGems is currently maintained by Eric Hodel.

RubyGems was originally developed at RubyConf 2003 by:

  • Rich Kilmer – rich(at)infoether.com

  • Chad Fowler – chad(at)chadfowler.com

  • David Black – dblack(at)wobblini.net

  • Paul Brannan – paul(at)atdesk.com

  • Jim Weirich – jim(at)weirichhouse.org


  • Gavin Sinclair – gsinclair(at)soyabean.com.au

  • George Marrows – george.marrows(at)ntlworld.com

  • Dick Davies – rasputnik(at)hellooperator.net

  • Mauricio Fernandez – batsman.geo(at)yahoo.com

  • Simon Strandgaard – neoneye(at)adslhome.dk

  • Dave Glasser – glasser(at)mit.edu

  • Paul Duncan – pabs(at)pablotron.org

  • Ville Aine – vaine(at)cs.helsinki.fi

  • Eric Hodel – drbrain(at)segment7.net

  • Daniel Berger – djberg96(at)gmail.com

  • Phil Hagelberg – technomancy(at)gmail.com

  • Ryan Davis – ryand-ruby(at)zenspider.com

  • Evan Phoenix – evan(at)fallingsnow.net

  • Steve Klabnik – steve(at)steveklabnik.com

(If your name is missing, PLEASE let us know!)


See LICENSE.txt for permissions.


-The RubyGems Team

frozen_string_literal: true

frozen_string_literal: true

frozen_string_literal: true

frozen_string_literal: true


RDoc = ::RDoc::RubygemsHook

DEFAULT_HOST = "https://rubygems.org"

MARSHAL_SPEC_DIR = "quick/Marshal.#{Gem.marshal_version}/"



WRITE_BINARY_ERRORS = begin write_binary_errors = [Errno::ENOSYS] write_binary_errors << Errno::ENOTSUP if Errno.const_defined?(:ENOTSUP) write_binary_errors end.freeze

READ_BINARY_ERRORS = begin read_binary_errors = [Errno::EACCES, Errno::EROFS, Errno::ENOSYS] read_binary_errors << Errno::ENOTSUP if Errno.const_defined?(:ENOTSUP) read_binary_errors end.freeze

REPOSITORY_DEFAULT_GEM_SUBDIRECTORIES = %w[ gems specifications/default ]

REPOSITORY_SUBDIRECTORIES = %w[ build_info cache doc extensions gems specifications ]

GEM_DEP_FILES = %w[ gem.deps.rb gems.rb Gemfile Isolate ]

WIN_PATTERNS = [ /bccwin/i, /cygwin/i, /djgpp/i, /mingw/i, /mswin/i, /wince/i, ]

RUBYGEMS_DIR = File.dirname File.expand_path(__FILE__)



[R] pre_uninstall_hooks

The list of hooks to be run before Gem::Uninstaller#uninstall does any work

[R] pre_reset_hooks

The list of hooks to be run before Gem::Specification.reset is run.

[R] pre_install_hooks

The list of hooks to be run before Gem::Installer#install does any work

[R] post_uninstall_hooks

The list of hooks to be run after Gem::Uninstaller#uninstall completes installation

[R] post_reset_hooks

The list of hooks to be run after Gem::Specification.reset is run.

[R] done_installing_hooks

The list of hooks to be run after Gem::DependencyInstaller installs a set of gems

[R] post_install_hooks

The list of hooks to be run after Gem::Installer#install completes installation

[R] post_build_hooks

The list of hooks to be run after Gem::Installer#install extracts files and builds extensions

[R] gemdeps

GemDependencyAPI object, which is set when .use_gemdeps is called. This contains all the information from the Gemfile.

[R] loaded_specs

Hash of loaded Gem::Specification keyed by name

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