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A specific resolution from a given {Resolver}


Conflict = Struct.new( :requirement, :requirements, :existing, :possibility, :locked_requirement, :requirement_trees, :activated_by_name )


[RW] states

@return [Array] the stack of states for the resolution

[RW] started_at

@return [Time] the time at which resolution began

[RW] iteration_rate

@return [Integer] the number of resolver iterations in between calls to

{#resolver_ui}'s {UI#indicate_progress} method
[R] original_requested

@return [Array] the dependencies that were explicitly required

[R] base

@return [DependencyGraph] the base dependency graph to which

dependencies should be 'locked'
[R] resolver_ui

@return [UI] the UI that knows how to communicate feedback about the

resolution process back to the user
[R] specification_provider

@return [SpecificationProvider] the provider that knows about

dependencies, requirements, specifications, versions, etc.
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