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Match Reference – MatchData acts as an array, and may be accessed using the normal array indexing techniques. mtch[0] is equivalent to the special variable $&, and returns the entire matched string. mtch[1], mtch[2], and so on return the values of the matched backreferences (portions of the pattern between parentheses).

m = /(.)(.)(\d+)(\d)/.match("THX1138.")
m          #=> #<MatchData "HX1138" 1:"H" 2:"X" 3:"113" 4:"8">
m[0]       #=> "HX1138"
m[1, 2]    #=> ["H", "X"]
m[1..3]    #=> ["H", "X", "113"]
m[-3, 2]   #=> ["X", "113"]

m = /(?<foo>a+)b/.match("ccaaab")
m          #=> #<MatchData "aaab" foo:"aaa">
m["foo"]   #=> "aaa"
m[:foo]    #=> "aaa"
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