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Class deprecated or moved

This class is deprecated or moved on the latest stable version. The last existing version (v1_9_1_378) is shown here.

We’re responsible for generating all the HTML files from the object tree defined in code_objects.rb. We generate:


an html file for each input file given. These

input files appear as objects of class

an html file for each class or module encountered.

These classes are not grouped by file: if a file
contains four classes, we'll generate an html
file for the file itself, and four html files
for the individual classes.

we generate three indices for files, classes,

and methods. These are displayed in a browser
like window with three index panes across the
top and the selected description below

Method descriptions appear in whatever entity (file, class, or module) that contains them.

We generate files in a structure below a specified subdirectory, normally doc.


|___ files
|       |__  per file summaries
|___ classes
        |__ per class/module descriptions

HTML is generated using the Template class.

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