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Class deprecated or moved

This class is deprecated or moved on the latest stable version. The last existing version (v1_9_1_378) is shown here.

This class generates Kilmer-style templates. Right now, rdoc is shipped with two such templates:

  • kilmer

  • hefss

Kilmer-style templates use frames. The left side of the page has three frames stacked on top of each other: one lists files, one lists classes, and one lists methods. If source code is not inlined, an additional frame runs across the bottom of the page and will be used to display method source code. The central (and largest frame) display class and file pages.

The constructor of this class accepts a Hash containing stylistic attributes. Then, a get_BLAH instance method of this class returns a value for the template’s BLAH constant. get_BODY, for instance, returns the value of the template’s BODY constant.

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