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This class is deprecated or moved on the latest stable version. The last existing version (v1_9_1_378) is shown here.

An ERb wrapper that allows nesting of one ERb template inside another.

This TemplatePage operates similarly to RDoc 1.x’s TemplatePage, but uses ERb instead of a custom template language.

Converting from a RDoc 1.x template to an RDoc 2.x template is fairly easy.

  • %blah% becomes <%= values[“blah”] %>

  • !INCLUDE! becomes <%= template_include %>

  • HREF:aref:name becomes <%= href values[“aref”], values[“name”] %>

  • IF:blah becomes <% if values[“blah”] then %>

  • IFNOT:blah becomes <% unless values[“blah”] then %>

  • ENDIF:blah becomes <% end %>

  • START:blah becomes <% values[“blah”].each do |blah| %>

  • END:blah becomes <% end %>

To make nested loops easier to convert, start by converting START statements to:

<% values["blah"].each do |blah| $stderr.puts blah.keys %>

So you can see what is being used inside which loop.

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