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A parser for TomDoc based on TomDoc 1.0.0-rc1 (02adef9b5a)

The TomDoc specification can be found at:


The latest version of the TomDoc specification can be found at:


To choose TomDoc as your only default format see RDoc::Options@Saved+Options for instructions on setting up a .rdoc_options file to store your project default.

There are a few differences between this parser and the specification. A best-effort was made to follow the specification as closely as possible but some choices to deviate were made.

A future version of RDoc will warn when a MUST or MUST NOT is violated and may warn when a SHOULD or SHOULD NOT is violated. RDoc will always try to emit documentation even if given invalid TomDoc.

Here are some implementation choices this parser currently makes:

This parser allows rdoc-style inline markup but you should not depended on it.

This parser allows a space between the comment and the method body.

This parser does not require the default value to be described for an optional argument.

This parser does not examine the order of sections. An Examples section may precede the Arguments section.

This class is documented in TomDoc format. Since this is a subclass of the RDoc markup parser there isn’t much to see here, unfortunately.

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