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OPTION_LIST = [ [ "--help", "-h", nil, "you're looking at it" ], [ "--classes", "-c", nil, "Display the names of classes and modules we\n" + "know about"], [ "--doc-dir", "-d", "", "A directory to search for documentation. If not\n" + "specified, we search the standard rdoc/ri directories.\n" + "May be repeated."], [ "--system", nil, nil, "Include documentation from Ruby's standard library:\n " + RI::Paths::SYSDIR ], [ "--site", nil, nil, "Include documentation from libraries installed in site_lib:\n " + RI::Paths::SITEDIR ], [ "--home", nil, nil, "Include documentation stored in ~/.rdoc:\n " + (RI::Paths::HOMEDIR || "No ~/.rdoc found") ], [ "--gems", nil, nil, "Include documentation from RubyGems:\n" + (RI::Paths::GEMDIRS ? { |dir| " #{dir}/doc/*/ri" }.join("\n") : "No Rubygems ri found.") ], [ "--format", "-f", "", "Format to use when displaying output:\n" + " " + RI::TextFormatter.list + "\n" + "Use 'bs' (backspace) with most pager programs.\n" + "To use ANSI, either also use the -T option, or\n" + "tell your pager to allow control characters\n" + "(for example using the -R option to less)"], [ "--list-names", "-l", nil, "List all the names known to RDoc, one per line"


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