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Elem = Struct.new(:pos, :event, :tok, :state) do def initialize(pos, event, tok, state) super(pos, event, tok, State.new(state)) end end

State = Struct.new(:to_int, :to_s) do alias to_i to_int def initialize(i) super(i, Ripper.lex_state_name(i)).freeze end def inspect; "#<#{self.class}: #{self}>" end def pretty_print(q) q.text(to_s) end def ==(i) super or to_int == i end def &(i) self.class.new(to_int & i) end def |(i) self.class.new(to_int & i) end def allbits?(i) to_int.allbits?(i) end def anybits?(i) to_int.anybits?(i) end def nobits?(i) to_int.nobits?(i) end end


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