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Method deprecated or moved

This method is deprecated or moved on the latest stable version. The last existing version (v2_2_9) is shown here.

These similar methods exist in v2_5_5:

add_handler(prefix, obj_or_signature=nil, help=nil, &block) public

Adds aBlock to the list of handlers, with name as the name of the method.

Parameters signature and help are used by the Introspection method if specified, where signature is either an Array containing strings each representing a type of it’s signature (the first is the return value) or an Array of Arrays if the method has multiple signatures.

Value type-names are “int, boolean, double, string, dateTime.iso8601, base64, array, struct”.

Parameter help is a String with information about how to call this method etc.

When a method fails, it can tell the client by throwing an XMLRPC::FaultException like in this example:

s.add_handler("michael.div") do |a,b|
  if b == 0
    raise, "division by zero")
    a / b

In the case of b==0 the client gets an object back of type XMLRPC::FaultException that has a faultCode and faultString field.

This is the second form of ((<add_handler|XMLRPC::BasicServer#add_handler>)). To add an object write:


All public methods of MyHandlerClass are accessible to the XML-RPC clients by michael.“name of method”. This is where the class_delim in plays it’s role, a XML-RPC method-name is defined by prefix + class_delim + “name of method”.

The third form of +add_handler is to use XMLRPC::Service::Interface to generate an object, which represents an interface (with signature and help text) for a handler class.

The interface parameter must be an instance of XMLRPC::Service::Interface. Adds all methods of obj which are defined in the interface to the server.

This is the recommended way of adding services to a server!

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