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CONTENT_PREFIX = 'content'


DC_PREFIX = 'dc'

DC_URI = ""

DublincoreModel = DublinCoreModel

IMAGE_PREFIX = 'image'



AVAILABLE_PARSER_LIBRARIES = [ ["rss/xmlparser", :XMLParserParser], ["rss/xmlscanner", :XMLScanParser], ["rss/rexmlparser", :REXMLParser], ]


VERSION = "0.1.6"

URI = ""

DEBUG = false

NotExceptedTagError = NotExpectedTagError

UnknownConvertMethod = UnknownConversionMethodError

SY_PREFIX = 'sy'

SY_URI = ""

TAXO_PREFIX = "taxo"



TRACKBACK_PREFIX = 'trackback'



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February 19, 2014
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Undocumented pile of ruby

> If you’d like to read someone’s RSS feed with your Ruby code, you’ve come to the right place

No, you’ve definitely come to wrong place. RSS is one of the worst documented libraries I’ve ever seen for Ruby. It’s as confusing and misleading as it can get.

April 21, 2015
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RSS feeds in Rails

Fetching RSS feeds in the request/response cycle inside a Rails application is probably not the very best approach, as it will make your application as slow as the server serving RSS feeds. Another option is to do it asynchronously using a worker or a queue, but this can also become quite complex and hard to maintain over time.

Another solution is to use an API like and its Rails Engine ( All the polling and parsing is done on Superfeedr’s side and your application is notified in realtime as soon as the resources are updated using a webhook pattern.

November 13, 2015 - (v1_9_3_125 - v1_9_3_392)
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What you really want is

The official Ruby documentation is available for this here

But the library that will be most helpful to you is called Feedjira: