check_init(config) private

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# File lib/webrick/httpauth/authenticator.rb, line 23
      def check_init(config)
        [:UserDB, :Realm].each{|sym|
          unless config[sym]
            raise ArgumentError, "Argument #{sym.inspect} missing."
        @realm     = config[:Realm]
        @userdb    = config[:UserDB]
        @logger    = config[:Logger] || Log::new($stderr)
        @reload_db = config[:AutoReloadUserDB]
        @request_field   = self::class::RequestField
        @response_field  = self::class::ResponseField
        @resp_info_field = self::class::ResponseInfoField
        @auth_exception  = self::class::AuthException
        @auth_scheme     = self::class::AuthScheme
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