entitydecl(name, decl) public

<!ENTITY …> The argument passed to this method is an array of the entity declaration. It can be in a number of formats, but in general it returns (example, result): <!ENTITY % YN ‘“Yes”’>

“%”, “YN”, “‘"Yes"’”, “"”

<!ENTITY % YN ‘Yes’>

“%”, “YN”, “‘Yes’”, “s”

<!ENTITY WhatHeSaid “He said %YN;”>

“WhatHeSaid”, “"He said %YN;"”, “YN”

<!ENTITY open-hatch SYSTEM “”>http://www.textuality.com/boilerplate/OpenHatch.xml“>

“open-hatch”, “SYSTEM”, “"http://www.textuality.com/boilerplate/OpenHatch.xml"”

<!ENTITY open-hatch PUBLIC “-//Textuality//TEXT Standard open-hatch boilerplate//EN” “”>http://www.textuality.com/boilerplate/OpenHatch.xml“>

“open-hatch”, “PUBLIC”, “"-//Textuality//TEXT Standard open-hatch boilerplate//EN"”, “"http://www.textuality.com/boilerplate/OpenHatch.xml"”

<!ENTITY hatch-pic SYSTEM “../grafix/OpenHatch.gif” NDATA gif>

“hatch-pic”, “SYSTEM”, “"../grafix/OpenHatch.gif"”, “ntttttttNDATA gif”, “gif”
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