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Installs a gem along with all its dependencies from local and remote gems.


DEFAULT_OPTIONS = { # :nodoc: :env_shebang => false, :document => %w[ri], :domain => :both, # HACK dup :force => false, :format_executable => false, # HACK dup :ignore_dependencies => false, :prerelease => false, :security_policy => nil, # HACK NoSecurity requires OpenSSL. AlmostNo? Low? :wrappers => true, :build_args => nil, :build_docs_in_background => false, :install_as_default => false }.freeze


[R] installed_gems

List of gems installed by #install in alphabetic order

[R] gems_to_install
[R] errors

Errors from SpecFetcher while searching for remote specifications

[R] document

Documentation types. For use by the Gem.done_installing hook

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