Class representing a drb server instance.

A DRbServer must be running in the local process before any incoming dRuby calls can be accepted, or any local objects can be passed as dRuby references to remote processes, even if those local objects are never actually called remotely. You do not need to start a DRbServer in the local process if you are only making outgoing dRuby calls passing marshalled parameters.

Unless multiple servers are being used, the local DRbServer is normally started by calling DRb.start_service.


INSECURE_METHOD = [ :__send__ ]


[R] safe_level

The safe level for this server. This is a number corresponding to $SAFE.

The default safe_level is 0

[R] config

The configuration of this DRbServer

[R] front

The front object of the DRbServer.

This object receives remote method calls made on the server’s URI alone, with an object id.

[R] thread

The main thread of this DRbServer.

This is the thread that listens for and accepts connections from clients, not that handles each client’s request-response session.

[R] uri

The URI of this DRbServer.

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