def_class_accessor(klass, name, type, *args) public

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# File lib/rss/itunes.rb, line 15
    def def_class_accessor(klass, name, type, *args)
        normalized_name = name.gsub(/-/, "_")
      full_name = "#{ITUNES_PREFIX}_#{normalized_name}"
      klass_name = "ITunes#{Utils.to_class_name(normalized_name)}"

      case type
      when :element, :attribute
        klass::ELEMENTS << full_name
        def_element_class_accessor(klass, name, full_name, klass_name, *args)
      when :elements
        klass::ELEMENTS << full_name
        def_elements_class_accessor(klass, name, full_name, klass_name, *args)
        klass.install_must_call_validator(ITUNES_PREFIX, ITUNES_URI)
        klass.install_text_element(normalized_name, ITUNES_URI, "?",
                                   full_name, type, name)
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