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# File lib/bundler/cli/issue.rb, line 7
    def run
      Bundler.ui.info         Did you find an issue with Bundler? Before filing a new issue,        be sure to check out these resources:        1. Check out our troubleshooting guide for quick fixes to common issues:        https://github.com/bundler/bundler/blob/master/doc/TROUBLESHOOTING.md        2. Instructions for common Bundler uses can be found on the documentation        site: http://bundler.io/        3. Information about each Bundler command can be found in the Bundler        man pages: http://bundler.io/man/bundle.1.html        Hopefully the troubleshooting steps above resolved your problem!  If things        still aren't working the way you expect them to, please let us know so        that we can diagnose and help fix the problem you're having. Please        view the Filing Issues guide for more information:        https://github.com/bundler/bundler/blob/master/doc/contributing/ISSUES.md.gsub(/^ {8}/, "")

      Bundler.ui.info Bundler::Env.report

      Bundler.ui.info "\n## Bundle Doctor"
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