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invoke_from_option(*names, &block) public

Invoke a thor class based on the value supplied by the user to the given option named “name”. A class option must be created before this method is invoked for each name given.


class GemGenerator < Bundler::Thor::Group
  class_option :test_framework, :type => :string
  invoke_from_option :test_framework

Boolean options

In some cases, you want to invoke a thor class if some option is true or false. This is automatically handled by invoke_from_option. Then the option name is used to invoke the generator.

Preparing for invocation

In some cases you want to customize how a specified hook is going to be invoked. You can do that by overwriting the class method prepare_for_invocation. The class method must necessarily return a klass and an optional command.

Custom invocations

You can also supply a block to customize how the option is going to be invoked. The block receives two parameters, an instance of the current class and the klass to be invoked.

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