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# File railties/lib/rails/commands/plugin.rb, line 359
      def options
        OptionParser.new do |o|
          o.set_summary_indent('  ')
          o.banner =    "Usage: #{@base_command.script_name} install PLUGIN [PLUGIN [PLUGIN] ...]"
          o.define_head "Install one or more plugins."
          o.separator   ""
          o.separator   "Options:"
          o.on(         "-x", "--externals",
                        "Use svn:externals to grab the plugin.",
                        "Enables plugin updates and plugin versioning.") { |v| @method = :externals }
          o.on(         "-o", "--checkout",
                        "Use svn checkout to grab the plugin.",
                        "Enables updating but does not add a svn:externals entry.") { |v| @method = :checkout }
          o.on(         "-e", "--export",
                        "Use svn export to grab the plugin.",
                        "Exports the plugin, allowing you to check it into your local repository. Does not enable updates or add an svn:externals entry.") { |v| @method = :export }
          o.on(         "-q", "--quiet",
                        "Suppresses the output from installation.",
                        "Ignored if -v is passed (rails plugin -v install ...)") { |v| @options[:quiet] = true }
          o.on(         "-r REVISION", "--revision REVISION",
                        "Checks out the given revision from subversion or git.",
                        "Ignored if subversion/git is not used.") { |v| @options[:revision] = v }
          o.on(         "-f", "--force",
                        "Reinstalls a plugin if it's already installed.") { |v| @options[:force] = true }
          o.separator   ""
          o.separator   "You can specify plugin names as given in 'plugin list' output or absolute URLs to "
          o.separator   "a plugin repository."
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