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render_template_part(template_options) private

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# File railties/lib/rails_generator/commands.rb, line 134
          def render_template_part(template_options)
            # Getting Sandbox to evaluate part template in it
            part_binding = template_options[:sandbox].call.sandbox_binding
            part_rel_path = template_options[:insert]
            part_path = source_path(part_rel_path)

            # Render inner template within Sandbox binding
            rendered_part =, nil, '-').result(part_binding)
            begin_mark = template_part_mark(template_options[:begin_mark], template_options[:mark_id])
            end_mark = template_part_mark(template_options[:end_mark], template_options[:mark_id])
            begin_mark + rendered_part + end_mark
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