time_zone_options_for_select(selected = nil, priority_zones = nil, model = TimeZone) public

Returns a string of option tags for pretty much any time zone in the world. Supply a TimeZone name as selected to have it marked as the selected option tag. You can also supply an array of TimeZone objects as priority_zones, so that they will be listed above the rest of the (long) list. (You can use TimeZone.us_zones as a convenience for obtaining a list of the US time zones.)

The selected parameter must be either nil, or a string that names a TimeZone.

By default, model is the TimeZone constant (which can be obtained in Active Record as a value object). The only requirement is that the model parameter be an object that responds to all, and returns an array of objects that represent time zones.

NOTE: Only the option tags are returned, you have to wrap this call in a regular HTML select tag.

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