attachments() public

Allows you to add attachments to an email, like so:

mail.attachments['filename.jpg'] ='/path/to/filename.jpg')

If you do this, then Mail will take the file name and work out the mime type set the Content-Type, Content-Disposition, Content-Transfer-Encoding and base64 encode the contents of the attachment all for you.

You can also specify overrides if you want by passing a hash instead of a string:

mail.attachments['filename.jpg'] = {:mime_type => 'application/x-gzip',
                                    :content =>'/path/to/filename.jpg')}

If you want to use a different encoding than Base64, you can pass an encoding in, but then it is up to you to pass in the content pre-encoded, and don’t expect Mail to know how to decode this data:

file_content = SpecialEncode('/path/to/filename.jpg'))
mail.attachments['filename.jpg'] = {:mime_type => 'application/x-gzip',
                                    :encoding => 'SpecialEncoding',
                                    :content => file_content }

You can also search for specific attachments:

# By Filename
mail.attachments['filename.jpg']   # => Mail::Part object or nil

# or by index
mail.attachments[0]                # => Mail::Part (first attachment)
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