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behavior=(behavior) public

Sets the behavior to the specified value. Can be a single value, array, or an object that responds to call.

Available behaviors:


Raise ActiveSupport::DeprecationException.


Log all deprecation warnings to $stderr.


Log all deprecation warnings to Rails.logger.


Use ActiveSupport::Notifications to notify deprecation.rails.


Use ActiveSupport::ErrorReporter to report deprecations.


Do nothing.

Setting behaviors only affects deprecations that happen after boot time. Deprecation warnings raised by gems are not affected by this setting because they happen before Rails boots up.

deprecator = ActiveSupport::Deprecation.new
deprecator.behavior = :stderr
deprecator.behavior = [:stderr, :log]
deprecator.behavior = MyCustomHandler
deprecator.behavior = ->(message, callstack, deprecation_horizon, gem_name) {
  # custom stuff

If you are using Rails, you can set config.active_support.report_deprecations = false to disable all deprecation behaviors. This is similar to the :silence option but more performant.

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