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lazy() public

Returns a lazy enumerator, whose methods map/collect, flat_map/collect_concat, select/find_all, reject, grep, grep_v, zip, take, take_while, drop, and drop_while enumerate values only on an as-needed basis. However, if a block is given to zip, values are enumerated immediately.


The following program finds pythagorean triples:

def pythagorean_triples
  (1..Float::INFINITY).lazy.flat_map {|z|
    (1..z).flat_map {|x|
      (x..z).select {|y|
        x**2 + y**2 == z**2
      }.map {|y|
        [x, y, z]
# show first ten pythagorean triples
p pythagorean_triples.take(10).force # take is lazy, so force is needed
p pythagorean_triples.first(10)      # first is eager
# show pythagorean triples less than 100
p pythagorean_triples.take_while { |*, z| z < 100 }.force
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