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Class deprecated or moved

This class is deprecated or moved on the latest stable version. The last existing version (v2_2_9) is shown here.

Rake main application object. When invoking rake from the command line, a Rake::Application object is created and run.


FIXNUM_MAX = (2**(0.size * 8 - 2) - 1)

DEFAULT_RAKEFILES = [ 'rakefile', 'Rakefile', 'rakefile.rb', 'Rakefile.rb' ].freeze


[R] top_level_tasks

List of the top level task names (task names from the command line).

[RW] terminal_columns

Number of columns on the terminal

[R] rakefile

Name of the actual rakefile used.

[R] original_dir

The original directory where rake was invoked.

[R] name

The name of the application (typically ‘rake’)

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