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debug_print_help() public

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# File lib/debug.rb, line 546
  def debug_print_help
    stdout.print "Debugger help v.-0.002b\nCommands\n  b[reak] [file:|class:]<line|method>\n  b[reak] [class.]<line|method>\n                             set breakpoint to some position\n  wat[ch] <expression>       set watchpoint to some expression\n  cat[ch] (<exception>|off)  set catchpoint to an exception\n  b[reak]                    list breakpoints\n  cat[ch]                    show catchpoint\n  del[ete][ nnn]             delete some or all breakpoints\n  disp[lay] <expression>     add expression into display expression list\n  undisp[lay][ nnn]          delete one particular or all display expressions\n  c[ont]                     run until program ends or hit breakpoint\n  s[tep][ nnn]               step (into methods) one line or till line nnn\n  n[ext][ nnn]               go over one line or till line nnn\n  w[here]                    display frames\n  f[rame]                    alias for where\n  l[ist][ (-|nn-mm)]         list program, - lists backwards\n                             nn-mm lists given lines\n  up[ nn]                    move to higher frame\n  down[ nn]                  move to lower frame\n  fin[ish]                   return to outer frame\n  tr[ace] (on|off)           set trace mode of current thread\n  tr[ace] (on|off) all       set trace mode of all threads\n  q[uit]                     exit from debugger\n  v[ar] g[lobal]             show global variables\n  v[ar] l[ocal]              show local variables\n  v[ar] i[nstance] <object>  show instance variables of object\n  v[ar] c[onst] <object>     show constants of object\n  m[ethod] i[nstance] <obj>  show methods of object\n  m[ethod] <class|module>    show instance methods of class or module\n  th[read] l[ist]            list all threads\n  th[read] c[ur[rent]]       show current thread\n  th[read] [sw[itch]] <nnn>  switch thread context to nnn\n  th[read] stop <nnn>        stop thread nnn\n  th[read] resume <nnn>      resume thread nnn\n  p expression               evaluate expression and print its value\n  h[elp]                     print this help\n  <everything else>          evaluate\n"
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