mktmpdir(prefix_suffix=nil, tmpdir=nil) public

Dir.mktmpdir creates a temporary directory.

The directory is created with 0700 permission.

The prefix and suffix of the name of the directory is specified by the optional first argument, prefix_suffix.

  • If it is not specified or nil, “d” is used as the prefix and no suffix is used.

  • If it is a string, it is used as the prefix and no suffix is used.

  • If it is an array, first element is used as the prefix and second element is used as a suffix.

Dir.mktmpdir {|dir| dir is ".../d..." }
Dir.mktmpdir("foo") {|dir| dir is ".../foo..." }
Dir.mktmpdir(["foo", "bar"]) {|dir| dir is ".../" }

The directory is created under Dir.tmpdir or the optional second argument tmpdir if non-nil value is given.

Dir.mktmpdir {|dir| dir is "#{Dir.tmpdir}/d..." }
Dir.mktmpdir(nil, "/var/tmp") {|dir| dir is "/var/tmp/d..." }

If a block is given, it is yielded with the path of the directory. The directory and its contents are removed using FileUtils.remove_entry_secure before Dir.mktmpdir returns. The value of the block is returned.

Dir.mktmpdir {|dir|
  # use the directory...
  open("#{dir}/foo", "w") { ... }

If a block is not given, The path of the directory is returned. In this case, Dir.mktmpdir doesn’t remove the directory.

dir = Dir.mktmpdir
  # use the directory...
  open("#{dir}/foo", "w") { ... }
  # remove the directory.
  FileUtils.remove_entry_secure dir
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May 13, 2012
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Undefined Method `mktmpdir' for Dir:Class

Be sure to

require 'tmpdir'

before using it.