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rb_mod_init_copy(VALUE clone, VALUE orig)
    rb_obj_init_copy(clone, orig);
    if (!FL_TEST(CLASS_OF(clone), FL_SINGLETON)) {
	RBASIC(clone)->klass = rb_singleton_class_clone(orig);
    RCLASS_SUPER(clone) = RCLASS_SUPER(orig);
    if (RCLASS_IV_TBL(orig)) {
	ID id;

	RCLASS_IV_TBL(clone) = st_copy(RCLASS_IV_TBL(orig));
	CONST_ID(id, "__classpath__");
	st_delete(RCLASS_IV_TBL(clone), (st_data_t*)&id, 0);
	CONST_ID(id, "__classid__");
	st_delete(RCLASS_IV_TBL(clone), (st_data_t*)&id, 0);
    if (RCLASS_M_TBL(orig)) {
	struct clone_method_data data;
	data.tbl = RCLASS_M_TBL(clone) = st_init_numtable();
	data.klass = clone;
	st_foreach(RCLASS_M_TBL(orig), clone_method,

    return clone;
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