merge(p1) public

Returns a new hash containing the contents of other_hash and the contents of hsh. If no block is specified, the value for entries with duplicate keys will be that of other_hash. Otherwise the value for each duplicate key is determined by calling the block with the key, its value in hsh and its value in other_hash.

h1 = { "a" => 100, "b" => 200 }
h2 = { "b" => 254, "c" => 300 }
h1.merge(h2)   #=> {"a"=>100, "b"=>254, "c"=>300}
h1.merge(h2){|key, oldval, newval| newval - oldval}
               #=> {"a"=>100, "b"=>54,  "c"=>300}
h1             #=> {"a"=>100, "b"=>200}
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