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static VALUE
ossl_x509attr_set_value(VALUE self, VALUE value)
    X509_ATTRIBUTE *attr;
    ASN1_TYPE *a1type;

    if(!(a1type = ossl_asn1_get_asn1type(value)))
        ossl_raise(eASN1Error, "could not get ASN1_TYPE");
    if(ASN1_TYPE_get(a1type) == V_ASN1_SEQUENCE){
        ossl_raise(eASN1Error, "couldn't set SEQUENCE for attribute value.");
    GetX509Attr(self, attr);
        if(OSSL_X509ATTR_IS_SINGLE(attr)) ASN1_TYPE_free(attr->value.single);
        else sk_ASN1_TYPE_free(attr->value.set);
    attr->value.single = a1type;

    return value;
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