abbrev(pattern = nil) public

Calculates the set of unambiguous abbreviations for the strings in self.

require 'abbrev'
%w{ car cone }.abbrev
#=> {"car"=>"car", "ca"=>"car", "cone"=>"cone", "con"=>"cone", "co"=>"cone"}

The optional pattern parameter is a pattern or a string. Only input strings that match the pattern or start with the string are included in the output hash.

%w{ fast boat day }.abbrev(/^.a/)
#=> {"fast"=>"fast", "fas"=>"fast", "fa"=>"fast", "day"=>"day", "da"=>"day"}

Abbrev.abbrev(%w{car box cone}, "ca")
#=> {"car"=>"car", "ca"=>"car"}

See also Abbrev.abbrev

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July 27, 2009
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Include the 'abbrev' module

To get this access to this method you must:

require 'abbrev'