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# File lib/rss/rss.rb, line 713
      def inherited(klass)
        klass.const_set(:MUST_CALL_VALIDATORS, {})
        klass.const_set(:MODELS, [])
        klass.const_set(:GET_ATTRIBUTES, [])
        klass.const_set(:HAVE_CHILDREN_ELEMENTS, [])
        klass.const_set(:TO_ELEMENT_METHODS, [])
        klass.const_set(:NEED_INITIALIZE_VARIABLES, [])
        klass.const_set(:PLURAL_FORMS, {})

        tag_name =
        tag_name[0, 1] = tag_name[0, 1].downcase
        klass.instance_variable_set(:@tag_name, tag_name)
        klass.instance_variable_set(:@have_content, false)
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