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new(package, options={}) public

Constructs an Installer instance that will install the gem at package which can either be a path or an instance of Gem::Package. options is a Hash with the following keys:


Where to put a bin wrapper if needed.


Whether or not development dependencies should be installed.


Use /usr/bin/env in bin wrappers.


Overrides all version checks and security policy checks, except for a signed-gems-only policy.


Format the executable the same as the Ruby executable. If your Ruby is ruby18, foo_exec will be installed as foo_exec18.


Don’t raise if a dependency is missing.


The directory to install the gem into.


Use the specified security policy. See Gem::Security


Indicate that the gem should be unpacked into the users personal gem directory.


Only validate dependencies against what is in the install_dir


Install wrappers if true, symlinks if false.


An Array of arguments to pass to the extension builder process. If not set, then Gem::Command.build_args is used


Print gem post install message if true

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