new() public

Creates a new anonymous module. If a block is given, it is passed the module object, and the block is evaluated in the context of this module like module_eval.

fred = do
  def meth1
  def meth2
a = "my string"
a.extend(fred)   #=> "my string"
a.meth1          #=> "hello"
a.meth2          #=> "bye"

Assign the module to a constant (name starting uppercase) if you want to treat it like a regular module.

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May 6, 2011
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Using New

-rails new ProjectName -switch directories -git repo “git init”, then commit -add gems, bundle install -rails g scaffold TableName attribute:type attribute:type….. -authentication -add attribute_accessible/relationships/validations -get rid of index.html in public, set root “table#index” -rails g nifty:layout -rake db:migrate -git repo -rails s, see if works -change id’s to names in show and indexes -images go to public/images -partials are rendered in application.html.erb