accept_nonblock(exception: true) public

Accepts an incoming connection using accept(2) after O_NONBLOCK is set for the underlying file descriptor. It returns an accepted TCPSocket for the incoming connection.


require 'socket'
serv =
begin # emulate blocking accept
  sock = serv.accept_nonblock
rescue IO::WaitReadable, Errno::EINTR[serv])
# sock is an accepted socket.

Refer to Socket#accept for the exceptions that may be thrown if the call to TCPServer#accept_nonblock fails.

TCPServer#accept_nonblock may raise any error corresponding to accept(2) failure, including Errno::EWOULDBLOCK.

If the exception is Errno::EWOULDBLOCK, Errno::EAGAIN, Errno::ECONNABORTED, Errno::EPROTO, it is extended by IO::WaitReadable. So IO::WaitReadable can be used to rescue the exceptions for retrying accept_nonblock.

By specifying a keyword argument exception to false, you can indicate that accept_nonblock should not raise an IO::WaitReadable exception, but return the symbol :wait_readable instead.


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