each_line(*args) public

Returns an enumerator which iterates over each line (separated by sep, which defaults to your platform’s newline character) of each file in ARGV. If a block is supplied, each line in turn will be yielded to the block, otherwise an enumerator is returned. The optional limit argument is an Integer specifying the maximum length of each line; longer lines will be split according to this limit.

This method allows you to treat the files supplied on the command line as a single file consisting of the concatenation of each named file. After the last line of the first file has been returned, the first line of the second file is returned. The ARGF.filename and ARGF.lineno methods can be used to determine the filename and line number, respectively, of the current line.

For example, the following code prints out each line of each named file prefixed with its line number, displaying the filename once per file:

ARGF.each_line do |line|
  puts ARGF.filename if ARGF.lineno == 1
  puts "#{ARGF.lineno}: #{line}"
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