mkdir(p1, p2 = v2) public

Makes a new directory named by string, with permissions specified by the optional parameter anInteger. The permissions may be modified by the value of File::umask, and are ignored on NT. Raises a SystemCallError if the directory cannot be created. See also the discussion of permissions in the class documentation for File.

Dir.mkdir(File.join(Dir.home, ".foo"), 0700) #=> 0
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March 3, 2010 - (>= v1_8_6_287)
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makedirs(path) to create file path

mkdir will only create a single directory on an existing path. If you want to create a full path, like the `mkdir -p /full/path` command, use the makedirs method.

1.8: File.makedirs(path) 1.9: FileUtils.makedirs(path)

November 23, 2009
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Make directory if not exists

If the directory already exists, mkdir raises exception. To prevent this:

Dir.mkdir(dir) unless File.exists?(dir)
April 9, 2012
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