length public

Returns the size of the collection calling size on the target. If the collection has been already loaded, length and size are equivalent. If not and you are going to need the records anyway this method will take one less query. Otherwise size is more efficient.

class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :pets

person.pets.length # => 3
# executes something like SELECT "pets".* FROM "pets" WHERE "pets"."person_id" = 1

# Because the collection is loaded, you can
# call the collection with no additional queries:
# => [
#       #<Pet id: 1, name: "Fancy-Fancy", person_id: 1>,
#       #<Pet id: 2, name: "Spook", person_id: 1>,
#       #<Pet id: 3, name: "Choo-Choo", person_id: 1>
#    ]
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