mktmpdir(prefix_suffix=nil, *rest) public

Dir.mktmpdir creates a temporary directory.

The directory is created with 0700 permission. Application should not change the permission to make the temporary directory accessible from other users.

The prefix and suffix of the name of the directory is specified by the optional first argument, prefix_suffix.

  • If it is not specified or nil, “d” is used as the prefix and no suffix is used.

  • If it is a string, it is used as the prefix and no suffix is used.

  • If it is an array, first element is used as the prefix and second element is used as a suffix.

Dir.mktmpdir {|dir| dir is ".../d..." }
Dir.mktmpdir("foo") {|dir| dir is ".../foo..." }
Dir.mktmpdir(["foo", "bar"]) {|dir| dir is ".../" }

The directory is created under Dir.tmpdir or the optional second argument tmpdir if non-nil value is given.

Dir.mktmpdir {|dir| dir is "#{Dir.tmpdir}/d..." }
Dir.mktmpdir(nil, "/var/tmp") {|dir| dir is "/var/tmp/d..." }

If a block is given, it is yielded with the path of the directory. The directory and its contents are removed using FileUtils.remove_entry before Dir.mktmpdir returns. The value of the block is returned.

Dir.mktmpdir {|dir|
  # use the directory...
  open("#{dir}/foo", "w") { ... }

If a block is not given, The path of the directory is returned. In this case, Dir.mktmpdir doesn’t remove the directory.

dir = Dir.mktmpdir
  # use the directory...
  open("#{dir}/foo", "w") { ... }
  # remove the directory.
  FileUtils.remove_entry dir
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May 13, 2012
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Undefined Method `mktmpdir' for Dir:Class

Be sure to

require 'tmpdir'

before using it.